The evolution of consciousness is through conscious evolution.

Thank you for hearing the call to




A 10-month initiation for Modern, Mystic Leaders ready to step into their missions like never before,

 built on the understanding that each person contains natural gifts and spiritual abilities… YOUR “SUPERPOWERS.”

When you activate these abilities, you empower your soul.

You can consciously support the evolution of consciousness.

You can fulfill the mission you came here for.

Join us to Reclaim Your Superpowers.

Join us to Shine Your Light.

“Due to dire conditions on this planet, soul work has become a privilege,
and therefore a responsibility for those of us who have the time and means to do it…
everything we do for our soul supports all souls and this earth.
In other words, soul work is a form of activism.”


Sera Beak

are you experiencing:


Stress and feeling the weight of the world?


Burn out by projects you love?



Doubts and judgements of yourself?


Not feeling fully supported with your visions?



Fears that block your full expression?


To fully reveal our greatness and unlock our superpowers,

we must first release old patterns and choose a new powerful story!

On this ten month journey, you will:

1. Join a tribe committed to the same visions & growth as you

2. Receive deep support as you rise into your fullest potential

3. Access new tools & essential technologies for your mission

4. Break through any fears you have of creating a massive impact

5. Deepen your spiritual connection while doing your soul’s work

6. Enjoy each moment, love yourself, and find a deeper acceptance of life

Retreat Curriculum

Retreat I: Winter Solstice

Foundational Superpowers

so that you have a solid foundation to cultivate deeper gifts

  • Sovereignty

  • Vibration

  • Trust

  • Boundaries

  • Celebration

Retreat III: Summer Solstice

Service Superpowers

so that you can support others and the earth through your work

  • Intuition

  • Telepathy

  • Visibility

  • Code Activation

  • Alchemy

Retreat 11: Spring Equinox

Vitality Superpowers

so that you can avoid burnout as you fulfill your mission

  • Healing

  • Chi Freeing

  • Invisibility

  • Teleportation

  • Teaming Up

Retreat IV: Fall Equinox

Efficiency Superpowers 

so that you can create your visions with ease and clarity


  • Precision

  • Invulnerability

  • Time Bending

  • Shapeshifting

  • Remote Viewing

The Earth is waiting for you to fully embody your power. Join Today to Activate Your Gifts!



Your Program Includes:

  • Four Intimate Group Retreats: in pristine Northern Michigan

  • Four Post-Retreat Integration Calls: 90 minutes of 1-1 time with Aria following each retreat

  • Monthly Group Calls: from January through September

  • Opportunities for Play and Rituals

Program Tuition: $5,500

Meet Your Guide

Aria Mae

Coach, Facilitator, Healer

Aria is an expert in transforming the lives and livelihoods of compassionate leaders. She gets to the root of blocks, so that one’s deepest life purpose can be experienced with serendipity and flow. Her clients include founders, authors, TED speakers, scientists, and creatives who believe together we can create a world where all life is honored. Gifted in activating the hearts and superpowers of others, Aria offers transformation with a surprising amount of playfulness.


“I remembered my power and activated it within myself.”


“The School of Ambrosial Animals has opened me up in many unexpected ways. I feel more connected to Mother Earth and the bigger plan. It has allowed me to take a deeper dive into my spirituality with other humans who are on the same path. I have learned so much.”


“I am grateful for this program in giving me a deeper connection with myself, learning new abilities that I didn’t know I was capable of, and supporting me in my growth as I have gone through a very turbulent time.”


“Aria is a true healer and guide devoted to her life’s work with deep integrity.”


Aria’s guidance has helped me foster tremendous breakthroughs and rapid personal and professional growth and actualization. It’s fun and exciting!


“The School of Ambrosial Animals met me exactly where I’m at while pushing my edges with love, tenderness, and care.”


“The level of connection we experienced as a group and individually is so profound. I feel up-leveled, with so many tangible shifts.”


“Ambrosial Animals helped me level up on my spiritual journey and self-inquiry for development and deep growth. A perfect blend between trauma healing and finding the YES within me!”


“This school has been the education I always wanted, but could never find inside the conventional system. It has been a place for deep healing, transformation, and stepping into a much more abundant life of service.”


How do I know if Ambrosial Animals is right for me?

1. Listen to your intuition – see if you feel a “Yes” in your body

2. Notice any fear, and see if it feels exciting to move through it

3. Be honest if you truly feel ready for a level-up in your leadership

4. Allow your desire for connection, peace, and compassion to inform your decision

Answers to Your QUESTIONS

How much time each month is this commitment?

You can plan on about 2 hours of focused time every month to receive the most from this experience. The retreat months will be about three days with travel. You’ll be practicing your superpowers as you live your life, learning to integrate them so that they help you do what you already do, with more efficiency and ease.

What are the dates for this program?

This semester runs for 10 months, from December 2020 through September 2021.

The Retreat Dates are: 

December 10th – 12th

March 18th – 20th

 June 17th – 19th

 September 23rd – 25th

 (Retreats begin at 10am on Thursdays and end by 1pm on Saturdays.)


The Group Call times are the first Tuesday of each month: 

8am – 9:30am PST / 11am – 12:30pm EST


What if I have to miss one of the live calls?

If you’re unable to make any call, they will be recorded and uploaded for you to watch as soon as you can. Live attendance for 80% of the calls is required for the program certification. 

You’ll have access to the content forever and can continue to return to the material whenever you wish. 


Will the financial investment be worth it?

Definitely. Your growth is my goal – I care deeply for your mission. I do not promise you will have specific outcomes, (simply because the path to tangible goals can sometimes be winding) – but I do guarantee I can support you moving farther down the path towards your goals.


How can this help my organization / project / legacy for change?

The School of Ambrosial Animals is for all leaders, no matter where they are in their leadership journey.

For those who are just beginning, this program will lay a solid foundation from which to blossom.

For those who already identify as masterful leaders, this program will add another dimension with more depth to what you hold.


Do you really make leadership development as easy & fun as it seems?

Absolutely – that is precisely what we do! There is enough hardship, stress, and uncertainty in the world. The Ambrosial Animals community embraces all the challenges we are in with the most simple pathways to empowerment. Rememberance can be inclusive of all of our Humanness – the frustration, the impact, the laughter, and beyond.


what exactly IS an Ambrosial Animal?

In Ancient Greek mythology, Ambrosia was the nectar of the Gods.

Ambrosial represents the divinity and the eternal parts of ourselves and the universe.

This is contrasted with Animals, which represents the earthly part of ourselves and our connection to this planet and life as human beings.

To be an Ambrosial Animal is to be committed to your connection with both the wisdom of the heavens, and with living our lives on earth.

With this integration, we can remember and be everything that we are.

This is our path forward. This is why we live.